NEWS 09.02.2018

Saga Offshore Partners (SOP) and Rig Partner enter into co-operation agreement

Saga Offshore Partners and Rig Partner have entered into a 3 year co-operation agreement, with an option of a further 2 + 2 years.

The agreement concerns co-operation between the parties for the following areas and services:

  • Rig Inspection and Technical Review with verification of technical state, technical support and support in implementation process of maintenance programs.

  • Reactivation of Drilling Units. Preparation of scope and implementation plan for reactivation of drilling unit, including risk assessments.

  • Project Management and "Smarter Renewal", which include contributing with broad experience in project management, Main Class activities and "Smarter Renewal".

  • Project involvement and temporary operational support with establishment of required management systems, fulfilling role of "Technical Operations Department" in project phase as well as temporary "Technical Operations Department" in operational phase.